of twitch


The House of Twitch is a versatile organization, encompassing a wide array of interests ranging from event production, pageant production, Hive Academy, talent management, movie production, content creation, social media marketing, publishing, to styling. Within these diverse components lies the pivotal responsibility for conceiving, executing, and finalizing prestigious events that have garnered international recognition. These include the esteemed Mister Africa International, Miss Ideal Nigeria, Model Look Africa, Mr. Teen Nigeria, Mr. Ideal Nigeria, and Miss Ideal Teen. Additionally, your oversight extends to the coordination of collaborative showcases like Monsieur Cote d’Ivoire and Mr. Macho Nigeria. Beyond being a mere platform for pageantry, the House of Twitch stands as a holistic institution that empowers talent, nurtures creativity, and shapes the narratives of the future. With your strategic guidance, we aspire to continually establish new standards of excellence in all endeavors we undertake, solidifying our standing as pioneers in the realms of entertainment and beyond. Join us on this exhilarating voyage of setting benchmarks, pushing boundaries, and making a tangible impact. To date, the House of Twitch has successfully raised over 100,000 USD for a variety of impactful social projects.