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Mr Ideal Nigeria

Rickie Mannie

Rickie Mannie, hailing from Edo State, emerged victorious in the fiercely competitive Mr. Ideal Nigeria 2023, outshining 39 other contestants. His triumph was nothing short of spectacular, earning him a grand prize package that included a luxurious car, a staggering N5 million cash prize, an exclusive modeling contract, and an extensive wardrobe for an impressive six-month period.

In an extraordinary move, Rickie Mannie launched his benevolent pet project, “Happy Feet,” in the summer of 2023. This heartwarming initiative provided shoes to 100 underprivileged children, leaving an indelible mark on their lives.

Notably, Rickie made history by becoming the second Nigerian to clinch the coveted title of Mister Africa International, a feat that propelled him to a new chapter in his life as he embarked on a journey to London to fulfill his duties as the reigning Mister Africa International.

Rickie’s modeling career has seen him grace some of the most illustrious runways across the globe, including Seychelles Fashion Week, Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, and Ghanamenswear Week. His talent has also earned him a coveted spot at the prestigious Milan Fashion Week.

In its remarkable 15-year history, Mr. Ideal Nigeria has been a springboard for numerous luminaries. Notable alumni include Emmanuel Umoh, the trailblazing first Nigerian to secure the title of Mister Africa International and a prominent Big Brother housemate. Additionally, reality television luminaries Yemi Cregx of Big Brother Titans and Jide Monev of Date My Family have also emerged from this illustrious platform.

The list of accomplished actors who have graced the Mr. Ideal Nigeria stage includes Jide Kene, Alvin Abayomi, Chuks Joseph (noted for his lead role in “Madam Koi Koi”), Zeal Effet, and Christian Prince, among others. Past winners have also achieved significant acclaim, such as Anthony Tabasio (supermodel), Zander (the first Nigerian to represent at Man of the World and secure a placement), Eugene (supermodel), Hermes (Big Brother alumni), Ese (sportsman), Gedoni (Big Brother alum), Jide Abiodun (Date My Family star), Davies Abel (Ultimate Love date guest), Wale Bello (LA-based top model), and Frank (IFBB Pro), to name a few.

The accolades and rewards for the winner of Mr. Ideal Nigeria are nothing short of extraordinary. In addition to the coveted title, the victor is bestowed with an official car, the honor of representing Nigeria at prestigious international competitions including Mister Africa International, Man of the World, and Mister Tourism World. They also secure a lucrative year-long modeling contract, substantial cash prizes, and coveted endorsement deals, among other remarkable perks.


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