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Mr Teen Nigeria and Miss Ideal Teen

Rickie Mannie

Mr. Teen Nigeria stands as the preeminent teenage male pageant in Nigeria, providing a platform for young male talent to shine. The victor not only secures a substantial cash prize but also gains access to exclusive events and earns a coveted modeling contract.

Among the esteemed list of past winners are Emmanuel Somto, Samuel Young, Dare Adekunle, and Iyanu, all of whom have left their mark on the competition. The current titleholder, a remarkable 18-year-old by the name of Thompson Okoro, embodies the essence of youthful potential and promise.

Meanwhile, the Miss Ideal Teen holds a significant role as the advocate for our anti-bullying campaign. This position bears great responsibility in raising awareness and standing up against bullying. The current reigning champion, Andrea Duru, has taken up this crucial mantle, succeeding the accomplished Princess Adetola. Their dedication to this cause is a testament to the positive impact that pageantry can have on social issues.

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