Mr Africa int'l

Eryvaldo Reis

MIster Africa International is an annual International male competition that is run by the House of Twitch. It is the premium African male pageant that brings together African male title holders not only from the African continent but also from countries that have a strong African presence, The show was launched in 2012 by Ayotunde Twitch and Jennifer RIchards  at the African center, London and was held in London  till 2018 when it was hosted in NIgeria in 2018 and 2019. Sierra Leone’s Adonis O holi was the first winner of the male pageant.

Since inception 35 countries have sent their representatives to the event. The winners typically travel to different countries during their reign, promoting the Mister Africa’s advocacy which is to promote Talent (skill acquisition ) and Education in Africa. The winners also use the platform to push their personal projects. For example , Akol Dok of South Sudan , the 2015 winner, used the platform to build  a school in his home town.

The current Winner is Emmanuel Umoh of Nigeria  who took over from Tanzania’s Calisah. He beat 24 other countries to the title. He won a cash prize , a new SUV  and has travelled to several countries including Tanzania, Ethopia , Kenya, Ghana , Seychelles , Liberia , Togo amongst others.

His platform is education for disable children and has raised millions of Naira to support this project The reality show star would hand over to a new king on the 16th of September, in Cote D vloire

Mr Africa int'l